Volunteer of the Year

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Volunteer of the Year Award

In 1993 the Houlton Fair Association established the annual Volunteer of the Year Award to Honor an individual's hard work, dedication, and commitment to the fair. 


Recipients of the Volunteer of the Year Award
2016 - Jere Humphrey 2015 - Ian Crane 2014 - Doug Henderson
2013 - Scott Dionne
2010 - Harry Donovan
2007 - Ben Adams  
2004 - John & Brittney Benn    
2001 - Arthur Briggs
1998 - Russell Stairs
1995 - Ernie Bragg
2012 - John Bickford
2009 - Nick Crane / Jeff McCarthy    
2006 - Jim Newman
2003 - Mike Prosser
2000 - Debbie Nesbitt
1997 - Tom McAfee
1994 - Tom Nisbett
2011 - Mary Harbison/Debbie Melvin
2008 - Jim Logue
2005 - Russell Larson
2002 - Mark Cassidy
1999 - Paul Cropper
1996 - Leota Hare
1993 - Mark Crane


George Dunbar is our 2017 Volunteer of the Year. George has been a part of the fair for many years and has helped out with our Livestock Department as well as other areas of our fair. George was a great help in 2017 as we built a NEW Hog Barn and did some ground work in Livestock. When you see George during the 2018 Fair please be sure to Thank him for his dedication to our fair. Without people like George and our many volunteers the Houlton Fair wouldn't be successful year after year. The Houlton Fair is lucky to have a volunteer like George and appreciate everything that he does. We congratulate George Dunbar for being our 2017 Volunteer of the Year. Thank you for your commitment to the Houlton Agricultural Fair.